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Hi, my name is Andrea Melloncelli, I have a Master in Physics specializing in Data Science. I am a freelance R professional. My work ranges from data analysis to code design and to infrastructure solutions.

In my career I have always tried to reconcile data analysis methodologies with those of information technology, learning and importing practices from software developers and systems engineers.

I have worked for very large consulting companies in the past, for nascent startups, and for established companies that needed to convert their workflow to a data driven approach with training courses and support on projects (on the job training “OJT”), and all-round consultancy on projects based on data analysis.

If you are interested in the projects I have worked on or if you wish to explore how I could help you, I invite you to write to me in order to arrange a short introduction call. Please note that I have many years experience in remote work for multinational clients in various parts of the world.

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